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Web.TV Channel FAQs 

What is a Web.TV channel all about? 

A Web.TV channel is a branded YouTube channel for your company’s brand. Top companies across industries are now building their own YouTube channel that offers a series of informational videos with engaging content. Each episode is hosted by an influencer or expert that creates content related to your brand. This can be influential people, industry specific, guests and/or celebrities. 

Why is this different than just putting my videos on YouTube or our website? 

It is significantly different in that the content is produced and promoted by industry professionals as a weekly show. The team also optimizes for conversions, so unlike TV, video content on YouTube or Facebook can quickly move your customers into a purchase cycle. Finally, we have a list of distribution partners and networks that will syndicate the show to areas where your audience is consuming content. 

What service is Fanatics Media offering? 

Fanatics Media is an award winning digital and influencer marketing agency that offers services to leading brands such as the Oracle Corp. We offer a full-service bundle that includes the production of a weekly show, stage/set, editing, talent recruitment, concepts and formats, editing, distribution, promotion, and podcast conversion.  

Why would I do it? 

Branded TV is the future of content marketing. Your ads are being ignored in favor of content that educates or entertains. So why do you still use ads? Branded video content is useful and also serves as an ad for your company or product. Check out our video on why YouTube outperforms TV advertising 80% of the time.  

Fanatics Media guarantees 1,000 views per week in the first week, scaling to 25,000 views per week by the 10th episode. These are high quality viewers that typically convert to a specific call to action at the rate of 2.5-5%. 

Can I afford it? 

Can you afford not to do it or worse, do it poorly? Pricing for Fanatics Media services includes the full suite of services that takes your brand and channel from the concept stage to delivery. After setup is complete, each show is about $10,000 per episode (plus any extra talent charges). We guarantee traffic from your target market and an average of 2.5% to 5% sales/lead conversion from views. 

How do I get started?

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