Using LinkedIn to Market Your Business

3 Tricks to Creating a Better Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn

Tina Courtney

“Your LinkedIn profile should leave no room for doubt about the kind of job you’re looking for and why you’re the best person for that position.” ― Melanie Pinola, Lead Writer at Zapier The newly acquired Microsoft property, LinkedIn, is at the epicenter of digital business networking. With over 450 million members residing in nearly every industry, professionals regularly leverage the site …

Video and influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing in B2B: Why Video is the Way to Go

Tina Courtney

B2B marketers have had a notoriously tough time with successfully integrating social media strategies into their digital blueprint; especially when it comes to influencer marketing. Instagram influencer posts don’t seem to provide the same impact as they do for B2C organizations, Snapchat takeovers see minimal results, and visibility on places like Facebook and Twitter continues to decrease. This has been …

Influencer Marketing is More Powerful Than Facebook Ads

You Can do Better than Facebook Ads. Here’s How.

Tina Courtney

“The secret to social media success is to think and act like a member first, and a marketer second.” – Mari Smith, Facebook Marketing Expert Great advice, Mari – but does Facebook really follow the formula of “think and act like a member first and a marketer second?” The platform has become such a vital marketing tool that Facebook is …

Finding a real deal influencer marketing agency

How to Know Your Influencer Marketing Agency is Legit

Tina Courtney

With articles touting the massive “gold rush” in influencer marketing, is it any surprise that everyone and their grandmother is looking to cash in? We understand that influencer marketing is a hot button item right now, and with good reason; influencer campaigns provide insane results when managed properly. “When managed properly” are the key words in that sentence. Right now …

TV on the Web

The Undeniable Case for Web TV and Episodic Content

Tina Courtney

Do you ever feel like television is beginning to fade into obscurity? Maybe not completely, but it’s inarguable that TV doesn’t have the clout it used to. The internet is slowing killing the television star. TV and online content are continuing to collide as more and more eyeballs vector to online entertainment. This trend will likely continue until the two …

5 Little Known Insights about Influencer Marketing

5 Little Known Insights about Influencer Marketing

Tina Courtney

“In a world in which we have little external control over the brand narrative, communications professionals must influence, not wrangle, the way the narrative spreads through social and other digital channels.” ― Erin Estep, Director of Strategic Communications at SiriusDecisions Most are fully aware that traditional avenues of advertising are in serious decline right alongside consumer trust in advertising. What many may …

Beginner's Guide to YouTube

The Beginners Guide to YouTube: Learning the Basics to Video Dominance

Tina Courtney

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web. It’s a behemoth. The go-to video destination. And it’s only getting bigger. Influencers, social authorities, and brands are using the platform to build their clout while driving a variety of different goals. Everything from generating revenue to building awareness and loyalty can be achieved with content on YouTube. There are …

Biggest marketing trends of 2016

5 Marketing Trends that Ruled 2016

Tina Courtney

As technology becomes more sophisticated with each passing year, it continues to alter the landscape of how humans communicate, learn, and shop. These same advancements have pushed marketing forward into a new era where it too evolves at an incredible pace. The momentum of transformation has birthed a variety of modalities for reaching consumers in effective ways in a time …

Social media myths

Debunking the most Popular Social Media Myths

Tina Courtney

The pace at which social media evolves has left behind a generous trail of confusion, misconceptions, and downright myths about how these platforms operate. If your brand is going to succeed in the world of social networking, these fabrications must be cast aside with haste; the longer you dwell in a social media fairy tale, the more at risk your …

Podcast on Influencer Marketing

Podcast Alert: Learning to Leverage Influencers

Tina Courtney

In the tech space, if Google wants in on the action, you’re in the right modality. With its recent acquisition of FameBit, a platform which helps connect brands and social media stars, influencer marketing is officially on the digital map. Despite the recent buyout, influencer marketing has been quite the controversial topic among marketers in recent years with some swearing …